All of us have encountered the sudden blushing of the cheeks of a beautiful girl sometime or the other, which is followed by a suppressed smile or giggle. We unmistakably are attracted toward that personality, maybe only momentarily. It is silent but talks much clearly to the heart of the beholder, more emphatically, than the ear can perceive, it clearly says ‘you have made me shy’. It is instantaneous, fades immediately after its appearance and leaves a lasting, endearing impression in the pigeonhole of memory, undoubtedly a warm feeling. It draws the sympathetic observer towards the glowing ring of happiness.

For example, when a man impresses a woman in her unsuspecting moments, he arouses a feeling of embarrassment in her. In any case, his pleasure in her confusion seems a reflection of her feelings, a sense of shame and embarrassment. For a man, this act is very exciting and unquestionably, he tends to enjoy it. When a girl is giggling with her reddened face, a vicarious outlet of shame and more specifically a sex fear takes shape. This erotic fear with an element of sexual pleasure is difficult to conceal.

Origin of Blushing
Many researchers have made an attempt to unfold the mystery of this lovely impression. The results showed multiple inferences without a concrete outcome. However, the studies brought forth, some facts. Let us take a look at the few of the previous observations of the great thinkers of the feminine physiology on blushing.

The origin of blushing is involuntary and the subject does not have any control in expressing or suppressing this sign. It happens against a particular stimulus by a favorable person and comes out on the face as a sudden sparkle, leaving a crimson hue, embellishing the beauty of youthfulness. It is like the dewdrop that falls unseen, yet bringing into bloom, a mass of roses.

The First Observation
The shyness plays Cupid’s role and nobody can deny that this touchy feeling of shyness is always present at the time of blushing. They both go hand in hand, silently lodging on the unsuspected beautiful face and make the girl drink a premature consciousness about the erotic feeling. If the flow is moderately high, this blushing deluges the nipple and genitalia with the same psychic current of momentary amatory feeling. Blushing is sexual, as reddening of the face, as well as genitalia, are the accompaniments of sexual pleasure.

The Second Observation
Since the feeling of shyness is prone to a timid and shy woman, as compared to an extrovert woman, timid girls are more apt to be blushing or may have more physical receptors for the interplay than gregarious women.

The Third Observation
It is more interesting to note that this superfluous stream of blushing is the precious gift of young womanhood. With time, aging blends its cover, dissipating the charm of youthfulness in faint and imperceptible vacuity and gradually, it fades away. It is evidently observed in many animal kingdoms as well as in many bird species. During courtship, trilling and chirping start among the birds, the young birds flourish their plume, though here, it is the male species that take on, an ornamental role. The same plume gradually disappears, as time progresses.

Let us take this peculiar and inscrutable characteristic of femalehood as the endowment of Almighty and consider this phenomenon, a peculiar feeling of happiness. It paralyzes the power of direct action for a transitory period, leads to the sinking of the head, generates an inability to meet the eye with the counterpart and helps to pervade a pleasant fear that culminates in psychic stasis or let us call it an ecstasy of erotic shyness.


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