Effective Marketing Tools for Increasing Sales

Building a website is one of the initial steps to grow your small business. But, after that, several business owners don’t know how to use it. Moreover, even a large majority don’t know that website engagement can increase their sales drastically. So, are you starting a new business? Then, you also need to focus on building a website. Along with that, there are some essential marketing tools that you need to know.

Since the last few years, the scenario has been gradually changing. Several entrepreneurs are showing interest in improving their websites. It is mainly because they now understand that it can optimize their business to a new level.

Thus, you need to have a thirst for learning new marketing techniques. Only then can you compete with other businesses. Businesses are now driving more leads with the internet as the new game-changer. As a result, they are generating more revenue.


Now, marketing doesn’t only mean advertising. Now, there are several other cost-effective channels to reach out to customers. For example, social media portals such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., are alternative options to widen reach.

However, whichever channel you decide to opt for, ensure it is the best marketing tool. Remember that having an appropriate marketing tool is highly important for whatever strategy you apply.

But before that, you need to understand what a marketing tool means? In this article, you will know about it in detail. Along with that, you will learn about different marketing tools and how they can help you.

What Does a Marketing Tool Mean?

Marketing tools are designed to streamline your tasks. It is evident that marketing is a repetitive yet complicated task. For that, these tools automate these repetitive tasks. As a result, it reduces the chances of complexity and human errors.


Marketing tools help highlight the qualities of the brand, product, or service. Eventually, all these factors help in developing a strong relationship with customers. Therefore, marketing tools are the key to productivity in this technology-driven era.

There are different types of tools for marketing, such as CRM software that can help organizations improve performance. So let’s dive deep and check some out.

Landing Pages

Firstly, after stepping into the online world, you need to generate leads using landing pages. These landing pages should contain relevant information on a particular topic. It should also have an option to convert any new visitor as a new lead.

Thus, you will gradually learn how to use this tool. After a few times, you will understand how it boosts your sales. So, read these points about selecting the right tool for the landing page.

  • Similarly, like any website or blog, the landing page depends on the type of tool you are selecting. If you choose the wrong one, it can slow down the whole process.
  • It is best to run some tests on the landing pages. This will help you to measure the improvements that can generate leads.
  • Ensure that the landing page is relevant to the visitor. It means that you should personalize them accordingly.
  • Lastly, if you are adding any landing page, it should sync data in every system, such as market automation and CRM. Thus, it should make the overall task more manageable.


Subsequently, the CRM Software you select should also have the best tool for blogs. It should help optimize the search, and you can easily share it on social media. Remember that blogs are the core, and the team will design the content accordingly. After that, you will be able to attract your target audience.

So, ensure that the blog tool seamlessly interacts with other systems such as CRM, CMS, etc. Also, you need to analyze the reports to understand their impact on your leads.

Strategy for Growth Stacking

You can find several tools for marketing technology. Now, you can also find several tools providing personalization for your marketing. But before selecting any CRM Software, you must know your strategy.

You need to chalk out the areas for increasing sales. Also, you need to identify those challenges which can require tools. Mostly, these challenges are related to the creation, communication, etc. So, after that, you can proceed to buy the right product.

Understand Control Management System

The CMS or Control Management Systems is the base for the content you develop. Through this tool, you can easily store, edit, create and lastly publish the content over the internet.

So, if it is a landing page, blog, or website, you need CMS. But to use it, you must have detailed knowledge.

There are several popular CMS that are easy to use and affordable at the same time. Also, you don’t need to have expertise in CSS, HTML, or PHP. Also, if you have a significant approach, then you can also tweak it accordingly.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

Additionally, organic traffic plays a significant role in increasing the leads, which can result in customers. But for this, you need to understand the target audience. There is various CRM Software that provides efficient SEO tools for content optimization. Moreover, to select any SEO tool, you must keep the following tips in mind.

  • The SEO tool should help you in keyword research.
  • You should select that SEO tool that seamlessly combines with the CMS.
  • Thirdly, you need to understand the metrics to track your organic traffic.

Website Platform

Subsequently, your website is the main platform among all others. It should contain relevant information about your service or product to your buyer. Hence, it should be reliable to provide security from any data theft. So, if you are selecting any website platform, you need to check if they are secure.


Marketing Automation

To select a tool for marketing automation, you must check the integration and implementation process. Analyze how much time it will take. Secondly, you must know what your marketing team lacks. And if the marketing tool can help you improve your sales in the future or not.


Email is an intimate and effective channel to communicate with your target audience. But remember, you should send emails to those who are connected with your brand. It means you should move on from those who are not responding anymore.

CTAs and Forms

Yes, this can essentially create a tremendous positive impact on your leads. The forms will help you get important information from the customers. This will help your marketing and sales team to make crucial decisions.

These powerful systems help you in customer retention, sales management, etc. Most importantly, it will boost your business revenue. Hence, there is a wide range of marketing tools that you can select accordingly.

13 Effective Marketing Tools That Can Help You

For every small business owner, the primary purpose is to increase sales. Hence, you need the perfect marketing tool that fits your business. So, these are the following tools and CRM software that you must know to enhance your sales. Have a look.


Firstly, let’s talk about Oktopost. Social media has evolved as a significant marketing tool in the last ten years. So, if you are confused about how to start, then this tool is the right choice. Moreover, it is perfect for small businesses having a B2B business model.

This tool is ideal for empowering your marketing campaigns on social media. Along with that, you can schedule your posts with just a click. But, if you have a B2C model, you will not get the right results.

Also, you can see detailed reports on conversions, clicks, etc. This helps in developing different strategies to improve customer engagement.


Secondly, WordPress is a renowned tool for digital marketing. This tool is the best option for a Content Management System. Mainly, WordPress is used for publishing by authors, digital companies, bloggers, etc. Here, they publish their content as well as build an engaging website.


Apart from that, you don’t need to hire any programmer to build a website. Why? It is because WordPress can help you with that. You get some fantastic plugins and free themes to make your website unique. Do you know around 21% of marketers use WordPress themes to boost their blogs?

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how new or small your business is. You can quickly build a website for it through WordPress and increase engagement with this CRM software.

Charlie App

Thirdly, another critical and effective marketing tool is Charlie App. As you know, the first impression is so important. For that, Charlie App is the right tool to create a strong and positive impression on people.

Hence, you don’t know if your target audience has the right impression of your business. If they have the wrong impression, you need a strong strategy and work hard on it. But, why worry if you can avoid it in the first place?

Yes, that’s what Charlie App does for you. So, whether you are meeting new people online or offline, you can use this tool. It gathers information about your client, such as email, phone numbers, etc., for follow-ups. Hence, it helps you to give a personalized experience through your marketing campaigns.

Crowdfire App

This app was launched in the year 2010. Basically, Crowdfire is an app for increasing engagement on Instagram and Twitter. This app is used for managing user accounts through automated answers. Thus, you can reply to your customers, fans, etc., on Twitter. Hence, you don’t lag behind in improving customer experience.

Apart from that, you can easily collect crucial data about inactive users. You will also know who is going to unsubscribe you. With the help of the Crowdfire marketing tool, you can quickly respond to them and improve your results.

Therefore, you can increase the conversion rate up to 70% with this automation tool. So, if your goal is to improve your engagement on Twitter and Instagram, then Crowdfire is the answer.


Do you want to increase your engagement through video streaming? Then there are plenty of sites for video streaming available. But remember that every site is different from one another. Hence, YouTube is one of the renowned platforms for video streaming.

Apart from that, there are so many platforms that you can explore. As per reports by Hubspot, around 87% of the marketers include videos for their marketing campaigns. So, if you want to increase conversions and engagement in your video content, use Wistia.

This marketing tool has many features and controls that can impress your target audience. Furthermore, you also get detailed analysis so you can strategize accordingly. Thus, now you can produce professional videos without too much spending.


Do you want a marketing tool to optimize your website? Then your search is over with Hotjar. This tool provides feedback and detailed analytics. You need to understand what your visitors are looking for from your mobile and web. Hence, you can do it by checking the records and heat map from Hotjar. 

This is an easy tool for marketing that shows how mobile and web visitors are interacting. Along with that, you can use different tools to optimize your conversion rates. However, you also need to know the trending facts about your landing page.

So, if you want what your customers want from your website and get insights, then Hotjar will help you out.


Additionally, another tool for marketing is Medium. This tool is basically used by bloggers, publishers, authors, etc. from around the world. If you want to increase engagement through content, Medium is the best choice.

This can help you gain more shares on social media. Hence, you can reach hundreds of people across the world and even republish the old posts. So, if you are a beginner, then you can take off your business with Medium.

Also, people will get updates about your posts when they subscribe to your posts. So, this is an exciting way of doing email marketing with easy steps.

Simply Measured

Furthermore, another CRM software that can make your journey of social media marketing simple is Simply Measured. Analyzing loads of data for a small business is undoubtedly daunting. It should not be like that.


This software helps your small business to get easy analytics on social media. Along with that, you also get a measurement solution. So, you can fuel your campaigns on social media and get insights at every step.

Along with that, you get analytics for Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Also, you understand the trends on your Facebook page. Being aware of what’s trending helps you make better connections and increase your customer base.

Sumo Me

The main goal of using CRM software is to increase your sales. And you can only do this when your content generates traffic. This traffic will eventually convert into sales. So now, the marketers are constantly looking to improve their website to grow traffic.

Hence, if you are too looking for a solution, then you need this powerful CRM software SumoMe. In this tool, you can easily customize the sharing buttons as per your choice. Also, you can select the theme of your choice.

Moreover, the unique feature of SumoMe is its responsiveness to mobile devices. Every single tool can easily fit mobile devices. It means the chance of engaging audiences becomes higher. Also, it has a tool for Content Analytics, through which you can use strategies for your business planning.


Do you know that around 82% of the marketers and salespeople lose 1 hour daily while managing the tools? So, make sure that every tool works well with each other. Also, remaining consistent with your efforts will only help you get the best results in a short time. In conclusion, these are some essential and effective marketing tools and CRM Software. Now, you are ready to start the race for increasing your sales.


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