Hemp Bracelets: Make Quaint Charm Bracelets

Hemp is a very versatile natural fiber which is used to make a large number of objects that are functional, decorative or wearable. Hemp jewelry looks very pretty and trendy. You may make necklaces, bracelets, etc using hemp. The art of knotting hemp fiber is known as macramé. Macramé is an ancient Arabic art which dates back to the twelfth century. Macramé was brought to the western world by sailors who went to Arabia for trade. They learned the technique and made intricate items on board ships. There are two very basic knots required to make hemp jewelry. Both the knots are exact opposites of each other. Both need you to work with four strands of hemp. Two strands are used as base twines. The other two strands are looped over the two base strands and then tightened. Using the same kind of knot over and over again will give you a scallop-like effect. Using the two types of knots alternately will provide you with a smooth finish! Artists make intricately knotted hemp bracelets which have an exquisite design. Colored hemp is available for this purpose, but the natural colored hemp fiber is still the most preferred choice of people.

Making Hemp Jewellery Made Easy

It is not a step by step tutorial that can teach you how to make hemp bracelets. It is just a guide; making hemp jewelry is all about creativity.  The thickness of your bracelet and the intricacy of the knotting all depends on your skill level.  There are numerous ways of doing macramé knotting.

Material Required for Making Hemp Jewellery

You will need colored strands of hemp, assorted beads, charms, scissors, glue, colored pencils, and plain paper. You can also add metal clasps to your bracelet to give it, a finished look. Though there are a large number of colors available for hemp, you may use the classic tan color which is still one of the most popular choices. You can also consider dyeing the hemp yourself, if you want to give your hemp jewelry some unusual shade.

Steps for Making a Hemp Bracelet

The first and foremost step of making your bracelet is planning. Plan what sort of a bracelet you wish to make and the colors you want to use. Keep in mind the beads and the charms you have. Draw your design on a piece of paper first. Use colored pencils to make a detailed drawing. Having a well-drawn design will make your work much more manageable.  Once you are done with the planning, combine the different colored hemp cords you wish to use. You may use four strands of the same color. If you want a thicker bracelet, try using six to eight strands. Try this only if you are good at macramé knots. Increasing the number of strands can increase the complexity of your project. If you want different colors, you may use complementary colors like shades of purple with yellow. Harmonious colors also look beautiful. Use shades of blue and green together for an excellent effect. You can use a variety of macramé knots to make your bracelet look more interesting! Using square knots can give your bracelet, a unique woven look. Half Hitch knots are used to provide the hemp with a ridged appearance. There are a large number of tutorials available which can teach you to make many macramé knots. You can experiment and come up with your technique as well. No Matter what knots you use, always begin or end your bracelet with an overhand knot. You may leave an inch of hemp dangling on the ends or use metal clasps to finish your bracelets. Stringing Beads to your bracelet can be very difficult at times. Buy beads with big holes so that the hemp goes through smoothly. If you still face problems, take a little glue on your fingertips and apply it to the ends. It will make the ends of your hemp cord stiff, and it will make it easier to string it through the beads. There are a large variety of beads available in the market. Use big beads if you want your bracelet to look bold and colorful. Small ceramic or glass beads can give a very delicate look to your hemp bracelet. Small charms like stars, bells, hearts, etc. can also be used along with the beads. When you are finishing your bracelet, scrutinize it. Cut out any stray threads that are dangling from your handwork. This job requires a lot of care. Don’t cut off any thread that may cause your bracelet to come undone. Add a little glue on the various edges to make your bracelet secure. Cut edges often get frayed; adding glue to the ends will prevent them from fraying.


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