How to Choose a Hair Dryer in India – Buying Guide

Hair dryers are classified according to their efficiency and price. In a standard hair dryer, 100 watts which are made up of a nichrome coil heater are used. In India, when women are rushing and want their locks to get easily styled by blow-drying or initially by drying wet hair using a hair dryer. Generally, the gentle heat of a hair dryer is capable of drying or blow-dry short and fragile hair.

Before actually proceeding with the purchase of a hairdryer with the best features, you should know your hair type, assess its thin volume or short hairstyle.  In addition, you should look for attachments, multiple settings of a hairdryer and evaluate the wattage to decide what suits you the best. Undeniably, modern women want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to styling and the selection of hair dryers is a crucial part of this process. Here’s a simplified key to making decision making easier and better for finding the best hairdryer –

1-1 Types of hair dryers

  1. Iconic: The ions charged negatively are used in this type of hair dryer by breaking positively charged molecules.
    1. Ceramic: This hair dryer comprises a ceramic coating over the heating coil and is ideal for women with long hair.
    1. Titanium and Tourmaline: These materials are used in the coating of hair to improve its efficiency. Due to the huge demand of titanium and tourmaline, this type of hairdryer is comparatively expensive

1-2 Features of hair dryers in India

1-2-1 Iconic Hairdryers

  • A lower temperature is used to dry hair
  • Curly hair definition is preserved
  • Dries hair faster
  • Leaves lesser frizzy hair

1-2-2 Ceramic Hairdryers

  • Suitable for women with different hair types
  • Coated from inside to make heat distribution even
  • Regulate the heat by sensing room temperature
  • Initially, the hair is hotter at the time of blow-dry, but, later on, it cools gradually

1-2-3 Tourmaline and Titanium hairdryer

  • Suitable for thick and frizzy hair
  • Gentle as well as quick than ceramic or iconic hair dryers
  • Faster than other hair dryers
  • Safe and ideal for frequent users

1-3 Tips to consider while buying a suitable hairdryer in India

You must decide whether portability and convenience are your prime considerations for achieving professional styling! There are three variations of hair dryers in India, namely, the handheld compact hairdryer, salon hood professional hairdryer, and wall-mounted retractable hairdryer. The reason behind choosing the handheld compact hairdryer is to experience the compact accessibility of the appliance. It can be carried along anywhere while traveling without any hassle.

On the other hand, professional salon hair dryers are commonly used by experts due to their advanced features. In the case of wall-mounted hair dryers, it can be stated that they are used in hotels, cruises or resorts. Specifically, the features which women in India should look for before purchasing hair dryers are:

  • Size & weight
  • Wattage
  • Coil material
  • Technology used
  • Settings of heating & cooling 
  • Size of a power cord

1-4 Make an informed choice to buy a hairdryer – read reviews

If you are buying the hair dryer in India, but, not sure about the viability of the product, then, check customer reviews. The real-time user feedback will give you a quick overview of the pros and cons of the hair dryer. Check the reviews online and choose the suitable styling appliance for you.


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