Knee Pain Causes and Cures


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Knee Pain

Causes and Cure

Title of Contents

Chapter 1 —————————-What Causes Knee Pain?

Chapter 2—————————–Homemade Remedies to Reduce Knee Pain

Chapter 3—————————– What are Different Knee Conditions and Their Treatments?



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Chapter 1

What Causes Knee Pain?

Knee pain is a very common problem and can affect a person of any age. The knee pain is felt when the bone, ligament, or the cartilage gets affected due to strenuous physical activities. Knee pain can be caused anywhere in the knee; it depends on the bone structure. There could be limping, swelling, redness, and give you the inability to walk normally.

It could be caused due to bone conditions, like arthritis, or dislocation of bones, ligament and cartilage injuries etc. Most of the sportsmen and sportwomen also people who are involved in physical labor, such as, salesperson, can experience knee pains. If the movement of the joints in your leg is sudden and frequent, it could cause damage or injury to the ligament or the knee cap injury. If you have knee pain, your locomotion is restricted.

Fractures and dislocated bones need immediate treatment and surgery if possible as this usually happens due to accidents while driving or undertaking any strenuous physical labor. Even obesity could give knee pain apart from physical exercises, such as, jogging, aerobics, cycling etc. Doing these physical activities for a longer period than required can break the cartilage causing severe knee pain.

So, even if you exercise regularly, too much of exercise is not good for your physical health either.

Structure of the knee

Your knee consists of three parts, the knee cap, the shin, and the joint. The knee cap is where your ligament is placed. The ligament is like a plaster that joins the thigh bone to the main knee bone. The kneecap is nothing but ligaments capsulated together around the main knee joint. Any sudden twists and turns could rupture this ligament area. So, if you are learning to dance which has a lot of twists and turns, you must be careful not to rupture or injure your kneecap.

This is because the kneecap is designed to provide support to the main knee. The cartilage is there to act as a cushion between the thigh bone and the main knee bone and is responsible to ease the movement of the leg. The knee joint also has a fluid which acts as a lubricator to foster motion of the legs with the movement of these joints without causing friction in between the joints. It is because of this fluid called, bursae. If the bones lose this fluid, you will find it very difficult to walk. The knee is the part of your body which bears the maximum weight of the body. There are also tendons or the tissues of the bone which need this fluid to reduce the friction caused by the bones during any movement. 

So, if you have any bone injury, it could be either due to tendons, cartilage, fluid sacs, or the bone itself. The basic structure of a bone is made up of many tissues, such as, marrow, nerves, cartilages, blood vessels etc. which give the rigidity to the body. Bones are also the store house of minerals. They also produce red blood cells and white blood cells. Bones also store fatty acids. Bones absorb phosphates and calcium to ensure that they do not go into the blood stream. There could be a number of knee conditions arising due to problems in different parts of the knee, such as various forms of arthritis, ACL (acute cruciate ligament), gout, knee effusion, fracture etc.

There are certain food and dietary habits that you can adopt to fight most of the knee conditions and build up a strong bone structure. Inflammation of the cartilage can be reduced and cured with food habits as well apart from medicines and exercises. You could also take the route of alternative medication and holistic healing and see if it works for your knee pain. You could also make use of color therapy, massage oils, and acupressure points to find relief from knee pain.

Bones start to lose their fluid and strength in old age. However, regular massage from certain oils and pressing the acupressure points can find relief from every day knee pain. Though yoga is not recommended when you are having knee pain, you can also use homeopathic medicines to find relief from this pain. You can also make use of many home remedies mentioned in this EBook and find a relief from this pain. These home remedies would be helpful for people who do not have a serious knee condition. Though following this diet might help most of the people who suffer from knee pain alone. If you have any additional ailments apart from knee pain, then you need to follow the guidelines and diet chart given by your doctor.

Chapter 2

Home remedies to reduce knee pain

You can use these easy home remedies and alleviate your knee pain. The following are the home remedies from ingredients that you will easily find in your pantry.

Boil coconut oil till it turns warm and apply it on the joint. You can take half a cup or lesser quantity of this oil and massage this warm oil on your knee.

Turmeric has many wonderful antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties that is good for knee joint too. In one glass of warm milk, add one tablespoon of turmeric powder and drink this mixture every day. Calcium is good for bones and turmeric will do its job of curing the inflammation of bones or cartilage.

Apply castor oil in the knee area and wrap your knee with a warm pad. Leave this pad on your knee for more than an hour and wash up the massaged part with warm water. Castor oil does wonders in relieving knee pain.

Ground fenugreek seeds to powder and make a paste of it by adding water and apply this paste on the knee area.

Massage your knee joints with olive oil twice, every day. Eucalyptus oil is also great to give comfort to knee pain. You can massage your knee with Eucalyptus oil every day, before going to sleep and find relief.

Drink the dandelion tea made with dandelion leaves. Take three teaspoons of dandelion leaves and boil it in water. You can add honey as well as it has many therapeutic properties. You can strain this decoction and drink it every day.

The blackstrap molasses drink has very high content of minerals and calcium that works well for bones and knee problems. Add one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses to one glass of warm water. Drinking this also helps patients suffering from arthritis and joint pains. It has potassium and magnesium that keeps the bones stronger.

The white willow tea that comes from the White Willow bark of this tree has an ingredient called the Salicin which gets converted into Salicylic acid when you consume this tea. This is great for arthritis, a condition of the knee and also relieves knee pain. You will get a powered form or the chipped form of this bark available in the market. You only have to boil this in one cup of water and infuse two teaspoons of this powder. After you boil it, let it stay for thirty minutes. You can add honey and lemon to this tea if you like. Take this tea twice a day.

Juniper berry tea also relieves knee pain and pain due to arthritis. To one cup of water add one teaspoon of juniper berries which are dried and add honey for taste. This tea is not recommended if you are pregnant.

Eat lot of peppers as it kills the white cells causing joint pains and swelling. You can also make homemade creams from cayenne pepper and apply it as and when you have knee pain.

Green tea has rich anti oxidants, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. If you consume green tea more than twice a day, it would not only help you with knee pain but also increase your metabolism rate.

Vitamin E rich foods also help in reducing knee pain. Take a hand full of almonds, soak them overnight and eat them in the morning. The Vitamin D found in Salmon is also great to relieve the knee pain and any of the knee ailments. Spinach and orange too are great foods to fight the knee pain.

Apart from using these home remedies, you can also do a few things to prevent the knee pain. You must stop going up and down the stairs as much as possible as this would cause friction in the joints of the knee and start the pain. Avoid exercises that need you to kneel a lot. A certain yoga pose, practiced for a long time, could give you knee and joints pain.

Avoid rice, sugary and white flour foods as these will increase the inflammation of the bones. You can also take ginger tea, turmeric milk added with pepper and cinnamon. Soak your legs until your knee in warm water that is mixed with Epsom salt. You can also take magnesium pills or use sesame seeds in your daily diet to relieve the knee pain.

You can also use homemade cold compress, such as, wrapping ice cubes in a cloth and wrapping it around your knee. Do this three to four times a day for ten to twenty minutes.

Massage your knee with a mixture of olive oil and apple cider vinegar. You can also add apple cider vinegar in your bathing water and soak your knee in this warm mixture. You can also dilute apple cider vinegar with filtered water and drink this every day.

Capsaicin which is present in cayenne pepper can relieve the knee pain. You can also apply a topical gel of Capsaicin for twenty minutes, whenever you feel the pain. You can mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with one and a half teaspoon of cayenne pepper and apply this on this knee. This is only gives a temporary relief. Do not use this, every day.

Ginger oil is also good to massage your knee whenever you feel the pain. Additionally, you can make a lime juice, add a pinch of grated ginger and honey and drink this warm juice once every day.

Cut lemon into small pieces and tie it in a cloth. Dip this cloth in warm sesame oil, and place this cloth that has lemon pieces on the knee area, where you feel the pain. Do this twice every day and you will be relieved from knee pain.

Fry a few garlic cloves in mustard oil and apply this oil to the knee. You should also cover your knee with a towel soaked in warm water. Do this twice every day.

Use any of these herbal and homemade remedies and get yourself out of the knee pain. A prolonged knee pain can lead to many complicated conditions, like arthritis, gout, etc. Excess uric acid that the bone is throwing away leads to gout. The bones naturally absorb minerals, fatty acids, magnesium, and phosphate. When you intake calcium and protein excessively, the bones will start to throw these deposits which causes several problems related to the bone.

Nothing in excess does any good, neither nutritious dietary intake nor even exercise. Everything that you do, be it your diet or exercise, it must not rip your physical health due to overstrain. You must also keep your weight in check so that your knees don’t have to bear your excess weight which could not only lead to knee pain but also arthritis.

Chapter 3

What are different knee conditions and their treatments?

There are a variety of knee conditions that anyone could have depending upon factors, such as age, injury, fracture etc. Amongst all these knee conditions, knee osteoarthritis is the most common. The symptoms for this condition are, stiffness of bones, swelling, shooting pain in the knee, not being able to bend the knee or use the stairs.

 This is caused usually in the old age, due to wear and tear of cartilage in the bone. When this cushion which holds the thigh bone and the knee bone together, and cushions the movements to make them frictionless and it is ruptured or afflicted, then walking can be a major problem. While for a few people, this is a hereditary condition, young people who are overweight can also face this knee condition.

When this cushion wears away, both the bones are rubbing against each other causing a lot of pain in the knee. This can also be caused when you intake excessive food which is rich in iron. If you have excessive growth hormone, you will still experience this pain. Make sure your intake of food which contains folic acid that has iron in rich percentage, is reduced when this is the cause of your knee pain.

When you have this pain, you will feel that only when you rest you don’t feel the pain. But when you get up and do any physical activity involving your legs, the pain will start shooting up. When you face this knee condition, you will see that in the morning times, your knees may start feeling stiff. So, even when you are sitting in a chair, you might find it very difficult to get up and when you are standing, you may find it very difficult to bend your knees and sit back in the chair.

Treatments and drugs for common knee conditions

For osteoarthritis, which is the most common knee condition, you will be given pain killers, like Advil, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Tylenol etc. If the pain doesn’t go away even after taking these pills, you will be asked to get an MRI and an X-Ray scan done to look into the bone structure of the knee. Any kind of affliction will be noted to check or any of the conditions of arthritis.

Your physical therapist will teach you many exercises which will strengthen the muscles around the knee area. Also, injections like corticosteriod or hyaluroic acid will be directly given in the knee. These injections increase the lubrication in the knee making the movements of the knee easy. The fluid sac in the knee contains hyaluroic acid which makes it easier for the knees to have friction free movement. Therefore, this fluid is injected directly into the knee, so that if the fluid is vaporized, the injections can refill them.

Alternative medicines, such as, glucosamine and chondroitin will be suggested to you. You can also visit an acupressure specialist and get the acupressure done for your knees. They will know the acupressure points for your knees and help you relieve the pain. Additionally, you can also visit a homeopathy doctor who could suggest you simple medicines and ask you to follow a very simple routine.

If your pain still does not heal then, you will be given braces for your legs so that you can walk, without any difficulty. This is, however, a temporary solution for this problem.

As a last resort, when neither of the treatments works, you will be asked to go for a surgery. There are different types of surgeries for knees if the condition is severe. Arthroscopy is a kind of surgery of the knee, if the patient suffers from osteoarthritis and none of the treatments have worked. In this surgery, a tiny telescope is used to see the damaged cartilage and remove it, clean the knee bone, and repair other tissues surrounding the knee. This kind of surgery is usually performed on people who are less than fifty five years of age.

Sometimes, the shape of the bones needs to be shaped and aligned better so that your movement is not deterred. This kind of surgery is called, Osteotomy. This kind of surgery is performed in the knee where the bone has broken. This kind of surgery is only a temporary solution to knee problems. In extreme cases, where the entire joint of the knee has to be replaced, this kind of surgery is called, Arthoplasty. Plastic or metallic replacements are fitted into the knee area using surgical procedures. This is said to be one of the most trustworthy procedures for knee replacement as you only have to go in for replacement again in a span of twenty years.

Swollen knee joints could mean any of the knee conditions, like, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, septic arthritis etc. Gout happens in the toe as well as in the knee. Its main symptoms are swollen knee, redness and severe pain. The uric acid deposits itself in the knee in the form of crystals. These crystals are big and apparent to the naked eye. The blood should never contain high levels of uric acid, as this will not be absorbed into the blood and will be deposited into the joints. You will also experience something like gout attacks, which are sharp shooting pains in the knee joints or toe.

When you call a doctor, you may get a temporary relief. But for your knee to function normally, you will need to undergo surgery.

You must limit the amount of beverages, meat, and alcohol when you have a knee condition such as gout. Medicines, such as Allopurinol reduce the uric acid crystal from forming and thus, ease the pain caused due to Gout. When you have this condition, do not take aspirin at all. This condition is usually caused when the metabolism decreases by living a sedated life. You are, especially, asked to reduce weight, when you have this problem.

Though you have to take complete rest in this condition, when you are on medication, you can start taking small walks that will not put too much stress on this condition. Use footwear which has a lot of cushion. Avoid footwear which has even one inch of heels. Even heels like the wedges are not recommended for any condition with the knee.

You will see that a few brands sell footwear have magnets which are meant for patients with knee and joint pain problems. These are specially designed footwear can help you relieve the pain when you are walking. However, unless and until approved by your doctor, do not buy and wear them blindfolded.

The Septic arthritis is yet another serious condition of the knee where the knee gets infected due to the bacteria from the blood stream. If any foreign bodies have attached themselves to the bloodstream, then they can affect the knee as well as the hips. Pain, swelling, inflammation, having difficulty to walk or even move your knee is felt. For this condition surgery is the only option, as this bacteria spreads through the knee quickly. Mumps, Herpes Virus, Cancer conditions etc. can cause bacteria to travel through these areas and affect the knees.

If you suffer from cancer, diabetes, or have a very weak immune system, suffer from autoimmune disease, then your risk of catching this virus is quite high. Apart from the pain and the swelling, you will also feel the chills and fever. This arthritis is diagnosed by puncturing this area and checking the fluid in this area for infection. The fluid which comes out is the lubricant that the knee joints use to make movements.

After the sample of this fluid is sent to the lab, if the count of white cells is very high, then you can say that your knee is affected with this condition. Many powerful antibiotics are given to cure this condition. These antibiotics are called Intravenous antibiotics. The type of bacteria causing this infection is diagnosed and an antibiotic specific to these bacteria is given to the patient. This treatment is usually done at home and if the right kind of bacteria is identified, this infection can be eliminated within six weeks.

Yet another condition which is a common knee condition is the Meniscus tear. This happens when the knee is twisted abruptly. In any accident, while walking, or alighting the stairs, or while playing any sports, like, football, the knee can twist itself abruptly. Meniscus is a ligament which is responsible to hold the knee together. When this is dislocated, the knee is dislocated abruptly while you are walking or performing any activity and it causes this condition.

If this tear is minor, then it can be healed within two to three weeks. If this tear is moderate, the pain and swelling is seen and you will feel the pain in the center of your knee as well as the side of your knee. When the tear is moderate, you will see that the swelling is gradually increasing within two to three days of the tear and will get worst if not treated. You will feel a very sharp pain in your knee and also feel that your knee has become so stiff that you will find it difficult to move it.

If the tear of this part is severe, then you will feel that the pieces of Meniscus have torn and fallen into the joints. You will feel that your knee is popping and locking. Though ice cold press can give your temporary relief, you most certainly need a surgery for this condition. The pieces which are torn will be removed and your pain will go away when these torn pieces are removed.

Therefore, any kind or injuries, infections, or damages caused to the ligaments, tissues, cartilages, meniscus, and the bone per se can cause the knee to swell and cause a lot of pain. When you go for an MRI scan, all these parts will become apparent and the part that is defected or is causing the problems will be shown through this scan. If it is problem with the ligaments and tissues, then, massages, pills, exercise, and diet can heal these problems within few weeks. If the problem is with bone and the meniscus, it needs a different treatment and surgery might be required.

Though there are two hundred and seventy bones in the body, the bone which connects to the knee from the thigh is the longest of all the bones in the body. So, to have a healthy knee, keep your intake of vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, in balance.

Consuming any of these nutrients in excess can also cause health problems and reduce your metabolism. Additionally, aerated drinks affect the blood, the bones, and also the teeth in your body. Too much coffee thins your blood and starts depositing excessive nutrients and foreign elements into the periphery of bones.

Though the bone structure might be different for everyone, mentioned in this EBook is diet for knee and to reduce knee pain that might work for everyone having this problem as most of these recipes are homemade with no side effects.

If your pain is severe, then, a visit to a doctor can help. You can still use the remedies given in this book and get a temporary relief. There are mostly three kinds of problems associated with the knee pain. One is the injury of the bone, the second is the arthritis condition, and the third is the chronic condition of the knee that happens due to overuse of the knee. These chronic conditions of the knee are tendinitis, bursitis, and patellar syndrome.

People who have flat feet are also prone to having knee pains. The runner’s knee is a common condition of knee pain that is caused in all the runners due to misalignment of the bones, excessive running, weakening of the thigh muscles that isolate the kneecap causing it difficult to walk or run, etc. Moreover, a condition called the fallen arches or the flat feet also tire the knees more frequently than people having curved feet. Flat feet can occur since birth, due to problems with the nerves, broken bones or dislocated bones, torn tendons, or even due to tendons that have been stretched, arthritis can also cause flat feet.

Due to this condition, a person feels tired easily. You will find it difficult to stand on your toe for a long time. You will also get severe leg pain due to this and as a result of that; your knees are also affected. All kinds of movement with the feet become difficult. If you have flat feet by birth, then sports should not be your career choice.

Also, if you play sports, your knees and feet may tire very easily. Through surgeries, this condition can be cured. The shape and structure of the bone in the foot area is changed. Tendons from other parts of your body are removed and added to the feet. The arch of your foot is created by the method of bone grafting. All kinds of growth in the bones in this area are removed with surgery. Despite the surgery, you are not asked to play sports like, hockey, baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, or any of the outdoor sports.

Bursitis is a condition of the knee when this lubricant is affected due trauma, infection, or any other chronic condition, such as, rheumatic arthritis. The cells in this fluid sac which are close to the surface of the skin can catch infections easily. If the skin around this fluid sac is infected, then the lubricant inside this sac also gets infected. This kind of condition mostly occurs in men than women. Say, your knee is hurt and you catch infection due to your wound around this area, then, the lubricant in the sac will also get infected.

 A person consuming high amount of alcohol or someone with a kidney or diabetic problem can also get affected by this condition. Any chronic health ailment reduces the immunity of the body which can easily affect this area of the knee.

You can prevent Bursitis by cushioning your knee when you have to stand or bend and work for hours together. If you are gardening, or cleaning the carpet, plumbing, scrubbing the tiles on the floor etc. you can use cushioning pads for your knees and do your job. Most of the sportsmen in Cricket use cushioning pads for their knee for protection. You too can do this while you are doing manual labor that involves movement of your knee. When you use splinters or cushions, take Epsom salt soaks every now and then, even if you don’t have the knee pain, you can prevent the pain altogether.

You can avoid fractures, condition of broken bones, and knee pain, when you use proper lighting to walk and do your work, when you drive carefully and resist the temptation of speeding, massage your feet and knee every day to give it the necessary rest and nourishment, even if you do not feel the pain.

When your massage your knees with herbal, organic oils, you will be strengthening the muscles around this area. Also, make sure you do not eat any unhygienic diet that lets the foreign bodies invade your internal system. If the blood is not able to absorb it, it directly passes this buck onto the bones to handle. When bones are not able to absorb or handle it, they just let it hang around in the joints causing pain and swelling.

Since, you see how your eating habits and diet can affect your bones, you must take care to eat everything in balance as, your body sometimes will not be able to throw out or absorb what you eat or drink. Taking dietary supplements is not harmful, unless you have any other chronic condition. So, if you are a vegan or a fruitarian, you can still take these dietary supplements and not miss out on the protein, vitamins, and minerals which are mostly found in meat and poultry.

For instance, Vitamin B12 is mostly found in lean and red meat. If you are a vegetarian, you will be missing out this important vitamin, which your body needs not only for the functioning of the bones and nervous system, but also for boosting your metabolism. Given in this EBook are the foods which you can take and the foods which you need to avoid, when you are having a knee problem.

 Activities which you can do and avoid when you are having a knee problem are summarized in this EBook. Though it is apparent that you must not perform any rigorous physical activity when you are having a problem with knees, you must know that, even if you have a normal health set up and are having a normal diet you can still develop knee problems overtime, if you do not check the amount of time you spend at the gym.

So, no matter what is your age or gender, this book is useful for people of all ages and genders suffering from knee problems. You could also use essential oils, such as, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, myrrh etc in your bath and take a soak to relive the pain from knee or any other joints. Rubbing sea salt solution directly on the knee joints also help. So, keep your weight in check, and do not go overboard with the exercising bit.

A few people are passionate about pursuing dancing lessons, like ballet, salsa, etc, which have a lot of sudden twists and turns and you also have to hold your pose in these dances for a long time. When you jump practicing these moves, you might develop a condition, called, tendinitis, which is the inflammation of the tendons which are at the knee cap. This condition too can be cured by anti inflammatory drugs and injections. Only in severe cases a surgery is required. So, you can dance like no one is watching but you must also be careful not to hurt your knee.

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